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Easy peasy lemon Squeezymail gets a zesty new look

Squeezymail has been DC’s email marketing send system for quite some time now, but it has had the same front end website for yonks so it was about time we gave it a lick of paint and showed off some of the funky new features it has.


It was important to design a truly responsive* website. The back end – the bit after you log in to use the site – had been responsive for a while, but the front needed to catch up! We kept the same branding in so much as the logo and the zesty green and yellow colours, but introduced a new illustrative look for graphics and an entirely new layout.

The messages surrounding Squeezymail’s email marketing capabilities are all concerned with simplicity and easiness – the strapline is ‘Easy peasy lemon Squeezy’ – so the graphics and site design had to echo this. The stripped-back, clear design is followed through onto printed leaflets, exhibition stand and business cards. As the back end is so simple and intuitive, so must the front end marketing element of the site.

An element worth noting is our taking into consideration of the screen resolution break points of the various devices and ensuring the user is aware there is more content to view below (off screen) and they must scroll to view.

Example templates in the gallery have simple intuitive buttons to allow the user to view mobile and desktop versions of the email examples.


Using CSS media queries the site detects the device it is being viewed upon and resizes and restructures the layout accordingly. The site is built using a CMS so that ongoing search engine optimisation work can be carried out as well as regular blog posts and articles concerning the new features and functionality on the site. This way any member of staff with the appropriate log in and permissions can keep the website up to date.

Marketing and promotion

The re-launch of the website (July 2014) is being supported by an ongoing marketing and awareness campaign consisting of networking events, on- and offline advertising, training events and seminars as well as a social media campaign currently in planning (August 2014).

The target audiences of the site are many and varied so a multi-pronged approach to marketing and brand awareness is key.

Social media and sharing buttons are throughout the site in the template and also on individual blog posts. Links to Squeezymail’s social media pages are present throughout the site in the top left of the template.

Take a look around the site at your leisure www.squeezymail.co.uk and read on to find out more about what Squeezymail can do for your business (shameless plug).

*Responsive meaning that the site resizes itself and alters its layout for optimal reading on tablets and mobile devices.

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