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Responsive website for Kiddi Caru

The new Kiddi Caru responsive website went live in Spring 2015.  The custom content management system (CMS) website had previously been very successful, but was not mobile responsive.  It was time to rectify this to bring it in-line with the user experience desired by the client Kiddi Caru (a successful chain of children’s day nurseries throughout the south of England).

How we made the Kiddi Caru website mobile-friendly

Here’s a little bit from members of the team at DC about how we went about redesigning and integrating the new mobile and tablet responsive website templates into the existing CMS.

Johnny (designer) says: “My main objective was to make the user journey as clear and simple as possible. To achieve this I looked at the old layout and stripped a lot of the design elements and details back to its bare bones by removing things like gradients and various superfluous style features. This made the site look very clean and contemporary and by using the flat, bold colours of the Kiddi Caru brand it also maintained a fun feel, especially with the use of the Roo character throughout the design as well.

“This bolder look also made the responsive layout for mobile and tablets work really well as it’s a style that really lends itself to nice and crisp graphics for an easy-to-use navigation and journey. The way it restructures responsively is the aspect of the design I am most pleased with. I think it works really smoothly across all platforms and doesn’t lose any of its impact despite showing less on some pages when the screens get smaller.

“A big benefit for me as the designer was having the use of an excellent photo library for the nurseries themselves. Being able to support the design with large professional images really did finish the look of the site off nicely and they give the pages a really good initial impact when working your way through the website.”

Mark (technical director and developer) adds:

“When it came to rebuilding the Kiddi Caru website to make it responsive, we wanted to do so in such a way that made it simple to plug into its existing bespoke back-end.  After researching our options, we decided to build the new templates based on the popular Bootstrap framework.  This took care of the structural basics of responsive template, enabling us to concentrate on making it look as nice as possible!

“Whilst we took some time to add bits of functionality to the back-end, the core of the site management remains as it was before, removing the need for any further training, and allowing the client to administer the site as she had done previously.”

Liz (client services) says

“The Kiddi Caru website has been a resounding success since we redeveloped it a few years ago, but it was about time we embraced the mobile and tablet market fully and made these necessary improvements.  Ultimately it is all about showcasing the nurseries and imparting the ethos of Kiddi Caru across all aspects of childcare, as well as driving enquiries!  Here’s a few stats from Google Analytics to demonstrate the improvement since the site became mobile responsive.

  • Using the month of May in 2014 compared to 2015, the mobile users are up 61.5%
  • Bounce rates are down across all devices, with desktop showing a reduction in bounce rate of 36.1%
  • Overall (across all devices) new visitors are up 24.8% and returning visitors increased by 4.7%.
  • Social referrals are up 220.7% demonstrating increased activity across the social platforms (Twitter and Facebook accounting for the majority of these).

“We demonstrate an ongoing commitment to Kiddi Caru to continually improve and refine the site to maximise enquiries and usage of the site by their target audience.  We love the brand, the site and the team at Kiddi Caru and anything we do with them is always a true pleasure.”

The site will continue to grow, evolve and be honed in accordance with web developments and user experience in mind.  We will be working closely with the marketing team at Kiddi Caru to ensure the highest standards and maximise on every opportunity presented via the website and across all touchpoints and platforms.

View the responsive website at www.kiddicaru.com

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