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Responsive website design – Melanie Tipples Gynaecologist

Consultant Gynaecologist Melanie Tipples, based in Chichester in the South of England, approached us to design and develop a new website for her gynaecology practice: the aim was to outline and promote her services and her approach to patients and the subsequent procedures and all-round care.

The design was based around making the site clear and informative for the user whilst creating a welcoming and calm tone.  The website is a mobile- and tablet-friendly site meaning it is a responsive website that changes its layout to suit the device upon which it is being viewed.

Rather than producing a generic gynaecology site we wanted to make it more personal to Melanie so people could get to know her reading the content on the bespoke responsive website. This was achieved by using photographs of Melanie, her team and her practice throughout the site instead of stock imagery, as well as having lots of useful information including the patient journey.  Reassurance and putting the women (and their families and friends) at ease throughout their entire experience was of utmost importance to our client and we believe that this site does this successfully.

A priority for Melanie was ensuring it was simple and quick for patients to get in touch. The responsively built forms make it especially easy from both mobile and desktop devices.

Standard search engine optimisation was included as part of the overall project.  The site has steadily crept up to the first and second pages in Google natural search for the main key words and phrases and continues to improve as other link strategies and listings come into effect.

We continue to work with Ms Tipples, looking at her Google Analytics on a regular basis to make the most of any opportunities for further online promotion and awareness.

View the site at www.chichestergynaecology.com to see the responsive website design.

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