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The Do Everything Party Responsive CMS Website

When we had our first meeting with this client, all we knew was that it was connected to politics, music and humour. Nobody at DC knew what to expect! A left-wing folk singer? An extreme right wing thrash metal band? Neither of those things, instead it was The Do Everything Party with their official band The DEPuties bringing about change and a clear message (anti-Russell Brand style) to VOTE and exercise your democratic right.

The first thing was to understand how The DEP wished to portray themselves to the public and how the party and band’s brand (not Russell!) should be perceived.

As Johnny says “We wanted the logo to be colourful and striking but didn’t want to be seen as siding with a particular party so we had to get the balance with the red and the blue right across the main DEP brand.”

He came up with a stroke of genius and produced a glorious logo for not only the main party, but also for the band The DEPuties. They both sit really nicely together and look striking online as well as on t-shirts and placards!

Using a popular content management system for the core website, Johnny selected the base templates and custom designed all elements for the site using which we were able to create a sub-theme of the original template. Generating imagery and graphics was important and our client took part in a professional photo shoot to ensure they were top-drawer.

“We wanted to achieve a clean and modern looking site that was still packing lot’s of content,” says Johnny, “so the use of categories for the News, Videos and Music sections was crucial so people could access the things they were interested in much quicker and easier.

“We also wanted the imagery throughout the site to be nice and big to really help push the messages and humour across the site. I think the quotation sections we’ve used are very striking and really get the messages of the Do Everything Party across in a very simple and effective manner.”

A blog, within the responsive CMS website, to promote video and music content was a priority, as was imparting the policies and information about the Party itself and the party officers running it. Video content is housed on YouTube and pulled through to the site. Audio is on Bandcamp with widgets embedded throughout the site, cross-linked from lyrics and blog posts as well.

The DEP ask its site visitors to VOTE! Vote for The DEP on the responsive CMS website itself, so we wrote a custom plugin to integrate with Google Maps to demonstrate the spread of support they have. But also to vote in the real election in May. #GE2015.

Crucial to the success of the site will be the DEP’s use of social media. Profiles and accounts are set up across Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as well as the aforementioned video and audio sharing sites. DC provided training for managing the website and guidance for social media promotion and then ultimately it was down to the party officers, supporters and the two co-leaders Zac and Mike Lown to do the rest!

“Digital Consortium have provided everything that we asked for in this project and continue to provide support now it is up and running. We have had some great comments on the look of the responsive CMS website.”
– Zac Lown, Co-Leader, The Do Everything Party

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