Professor Christopher Nutting

Website Design Professor Chris Nutting - Cancer Treatment Specialist

Professor Chris Nutting has been one of Digital Consortium’s clients for over  ten years.

A world-leading oncologist, based in London in the UK., Professor Nutting is a specialist in the treatment and management of head and neck, thyroid, lung and other forms of cancer.

For his new website, we designed and developed custom templates, which were integrated into a widely used and well-known CMS (Content Management System) website back-end.

The bespoke templates include subtle design features such as abstracting the form of cancer cells, manifested as hexagons. These shapes slowly animate in the background of the homepage. The hexagonal shape is echoed throughout the site, making it a challenging site to build for desktop and mobile responsive design.

The website includes sections on his specialisms – head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer and lung cancer – as well as possible treatments – for example, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and CyberKnife – patient journeys and their outcomes.

The blog contains articles and features concerning new research and Professor Nutting’s research activities and campaign involvement, such as his ongoing work in campaigning for boys to be given the HPV vaccine.

Choosing appropriate imagery for a CMS website dealing with serious subjects such as cancer isn’t an easy task. We wanted to avoid showing pictures of patients or large volumes of medical equipment as such imagery can appear overwhelming for a potential patient at a worrying time. We were careful to take a bit of time and consideration to get it right.

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