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Professor Chris Nutting – Responsive Website

Prolonging website life and improving responsive usability by making websites responsive.

Some years ago our client Professor Chris Nutting – an oncologist specialising in head and neck cancer treatment – came to us requiring some updates to his existing website, the addition of other languages amongst other things. Over time the content has increased and the site evolved. Whilst naturally he didn’t want to start a new website from scratch, it was important to embrace the technical changes in web development and Internet browsing. The time had come to go responsive (change his existing site to a responsive website) and to allow the site and content to be read easily on mobile devices. After some investigation it was decided that it would be sensible to make his 5 year old standard desktop HTML website mobile-friendly. To do this we added a responsive stylesheet with media queries to handle how tablets and mobiles view the site, as well as restructuring some areas of the site to take into account current best practices. Restructuring included, for example, making better use of heading tags, and amending the navigation to allow extra control on mobile devices. These things were important to enhance user experience, but the majority of the work was within those mobile/tablet friendly stylesheets. The changes to his site will also improve search engine optimisation. The site has always performed well for very specific key phrases which include Professor Nutting’s name and niche services, the aim now is to widen the search terms to attract visitors looking for private cancer treatment and specialist oncologist appointments in the London area and from further afield, specifically the Middle East and China. Analysis via Google Analytics demonstrates that this mobile-friendly oncologist’s website is continually improving and appearing in a significant amount of searches on Google and attracting many more visitors across wider search terms. In summary, we took a static HTML website built in the noughties and updated it for the teenies! (or should that be the twenty-tens?) at the same time saving the client the time and money associated with an entirely new website development. Extending a website’s life and quality of usability is something of which Professor Nutting wholly approves. View the responsive website here www.chrisnutting-oncology.co.uk

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