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Accord Advertising Campaigns

As Accord Mortgages’ full service agency we do lots of things for them from large one-off projects such as their recently launched website to smaller day-to-day things such as the mouse mats we designed for them a few weeks ago.  On top of this is the day-to-day planning and management of their marketing campaigns, working alongside their marketing manager to come up with campaign ideas/designs and produce the assets for both online and offline publications.

Accord Residential

Last year we began work on the latest Accord Residential Campaign.  After being quite focussed on products in 2012 in 2013 Accord wanted to look more towards their service and what they have to offer to brokers who use them.

As Accord wanted this to be a long running campaign we spent a lot of time thinking of an overall message which could be used in a number of different ways, but which hopefully over the course of the campaign would start to be recognised as Accord (almost like a catchphrase).  After a number of different ideas and lots of brainstorming we came up with the “some things” message.  This message works on the idea that everything Accord Mortgages offers to their customers is what they believe should be done as standard (but very often isn’t).  We used headlines such as “Some things should just be simple, like a direct line to your case manager” and “Some things belong together like good products and good service” with simple imagery to back them up.

Alongside this we had a headline which was less specific to a certain service but encompassed all the great things about Accord Mortgages: “Big enough to matter, small enough to care”.  This message gets across the two main advantages of Accord Mortgages – that they’re a large company with large group – Yorkshire Building Society– behind them so they are able to offer competitive rates but at the same time, within YBS, they’re a relatively small team themselves so you get all the personal service that that represents.

The residential campaign last year was mainly offline with adverts in various trade magazines.  As they weren’t advertising a specific product (which is what we know brokers are mainly interested in) the point of this campaign was to increase brand awareness and hopefully boost Accord in the mind of brokers.

Accord Buy to Let

The second half of last year was dedicated to Accord Buy to Let with an extensive on- and offline campaign with both service- and product-led messages.  Again we had a number of service messages but additionally this time we had a product message for this campaign – “A rate that belongs in the spotlight” – on which the rate was quick and easy to change as product launches happen extremely quickly.

As this campaign was online (mainly on the websites of various trade magazines) we’ve been able to track the success of the adverts much more accurately and we’ve had some fantastic feedback.

With click-through rates reaching 0.55% (the industry standard is 0.08%) we’re extremely pleased with how this campaign has done.

A marketing research company (BDRC Continental) has done some research amongst Accord’s target audience to find out what they thought of our adverts.  We had some great feedback including comments that the Spotlight really catches your eye, which is of course very important when it’s a small banner ad on a website.  The aim was the pull the reader’s attention away from the article on the page and straight to our advert.

We’re really happy with the results of last year’s campaigns and more importantly so is the client.  In the words of Accord’s media buying agency: “It’s been a damned good year!”

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