SEO Podcasting with Accord and DC!

We were approached by our good friends at Accord Mortgages (part of the YBS Group) who asked if we would be interested in being involved in a SEO podcast chat (search engine optimisation) as part of their Growth Series Podcasts. Liz being our in-house SEO guru was promptly nominated and the recording took place a couple of weeks ago with Liz and John Brenan (Media Relations Manager at YBS) having the conversation. Due to the amount of content there was to discuss it’s been split into two parts!

During the podcast John and Liz discuss what SEO is all about, what are the benefits of SEO and what brokers could be missing out on if they don’t consider it. What keywords would be beneficial to the brokers and handy tips from Liz of how very simple changes in wording can open up or indeed minimise the chance of websites being found. For example, Liz gives the analogy of how the words ‘mortgages Halifax’ placed in a search engine would bring up a very different search result to ‘mortgages IN Halifax’ – so it would depend on whether you were looking for mortgages with the Halifax Bank or indeed mortgages brokers within the Halifax area.

There is a discussion about how search engines work, what they are looking for when they crawl the sites and how duplicated information sometimes can work in your favour and sometimes not and as part of this Liz explains how a non-expert can still work with specific keywords within their website content and how these days the admin area of modern websites can help by using assistance tools.  Find out about how to find relevant keywords, how to create fresh SEO content, how to measure how well your site is doing and there are some good little ideas of how to refresh old but still relevant content.

The first part of the podcast which went live last Friday 31 August 2018 is available here to listen:

The second part of the podcast goes live today – we’re very excited – listen here:

Financial Services is wide and varied area especially for mortgage brokers; with the help of The Accord Growth Series podcasts which are focused to this area of FS it is becoming easier for the brokers to market themselves effectively and thus getting the client a good deal.