New Sensory Room at Fisherfield Childcare

Fisherfield Childcare recently opened their newly renovated nursery at Derby Street, Heywood.  Check out their new facilities, including the impressive sensory room featuring our lightbox design and artwork.

The sensory room at Derby Street is a designated space combining a range of stimuli to help the babies and children within the nursery to develop, engage and regulate their senses.  This is a safe environment for the children and includes specially adapted lights, colours, sounds, aromas and sensory soft play toys.  These combine to encourage interaction and exploration without risk.   Some children who experience sensory overload can benefit from the calming colours and environment.

For the design itself Johnny created a scene based on the nursery’s mascot, Dave the Duck! What could be more fitting than his own little duck pond to play in?  To give the children more visual characters to explore and admire we added ducklings, a butterfly and another duck friend peeping out from behind the reeds.

We used three different layers of plastic artwork to give the lightbox more depth.  This allows the plants at the front to stand out and make the whole piece more visually appealing.

For the ceiling a sky scene was devised to give the effect of looking outdoors — to see the world of Dave the Duck as he flies past.

Further information about the nursery can be found via their website and the following video by Pixelwave gives you a full understanding of the bespoke space Fisherfield Childcare have created for their children both inside and out:

If you are interested in finding out more about the design and how we can help you to create your own sensory room/experience, please feel free to drop us a line.