Digital Consortium Lights Up the Web

In late 2019, Halifax-based Chiara Lighting commissioned Digital Consortium to build its new website.

Chiara Lighting is a specialist lighting design company that provides complete project solutions for your lighting design, supply and installation needs.

The team at Chiara were keen to have a website that acted as a better showcase for its full range of bespoke and standard lighting products and the types of project it works on. It was also of high importance for Chiara to use a local company, who understand good old Yorkshire values and also who would be interested in selling their company and products in the best possible way.

The new website, a mixture of off-the-shelf and bespoke elements makes extensive use of product swatches and images to enable site visitors to view the various colour options for each lighting product is available.

It also includes extensive download sections for all the product brochure and data sheet information.

There is a big focus on gallery images in order to showcase Chiara’s extensive range of products. In addition time was spent on SEO getting the right information into the site so that Chiara can be easily found via search engines.

Cáit Hanstock, Assistant Project Manager at Chiara Lighting, said “We are thrilled with our final website and would like to thank Digital Consortium for helping our visions become a reality!”

We like the new website too!