New CMS Website for Oncology Professor

Last updated 10th July 2019 by DCChris-Nutting-New-Website

A new CMS website designed and developed for Professor Chris Nutting has just gone live. As the UK’s leading oncology specialist for head and neck cancer, he requires a suitably impressive website.

The site includes sections on his specialisms – head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer and lung cancer – as well as possible treatments, patient journeys and their outcomes. The extensive blog contains articles and features concerning new research and Professor Nutting’s involvement in campaigns and research activities around the globe.

Choosing appropriate imagery for a CMS website dealing with serious subjects such as cancer isn’t an easy task. We were careful to take a bit of time and consideration to get it right. We wanted to avoid showing pictures of patients or large volumes of medical equipment. Such imagery can appear overwhelming for a potential patient at a worrying time.

We designed and developed custom templates integrated into a widely-used and well-known CMS website back-end. The bespoke templates include subtle design features such as abstracting the form of cancer cells, manifested as hexagons. These shapes slowly animate in the background of the homepage. The hexagonal shape is echoed throughout the site, making it a challenging site to build for desktop and mobile responsive design – but with the resultant site being a resounding success.

Visit the site at



Teaching an old site new tricks

Last updated 4th June 2019 by DCFrazer Hall Image

Frazer Hall, experts in buying and selling businesses, are existing clients and we have been working on site updates, imagery refresh, email marketing and online advertising for over three years.

Their old website was built using a content management system (CMS) which wasn’t particularly user friendly and had limited tools within it.  The decision was made to change the CMS to WordPress – but keep the site design the same.  DC carried out the integration with changes in design kept to an absolute minimum.  The site still looks great, but now has a more robust back-end.  This means that future SEO and content additions will be simpler, quicker and stress-free!



Introducing Dave the Duck!

Last updated 4th June 2019 by DCDave the Duck Image

Our lovely clients at Fisherfield Childcare got in touch with us recently to let us know that they are expanding and as a consequence they needed a new nursery mascot to add to their ever-increasing ark.

Welcome Dave the Duck to Derby Street!

Each nursery in the Fisherfield Childcare portfolio has a different animal associated depending on the first letter of the nursery’s name giving each nursery its own individual identity and allowing the children to learn more about their chosen animal.

Part of the group’s marketing also includes an ark of all of the animals together, the perfect opportunity for Dave the Duck to meet the other members of the Fisherfield Childcare team.



From The Past to The Future Project

Last updated 4th June 2019 by DCcima image

The Calderdale Industrial Museum has a new Learning Experiences section in development on their existing WordPress site in connection with their From The Past to The Future Project (supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund). DC has created the new section and populated it with content aimed at schools and educational groups in the local and wider areas.

We added a registration and login facility to allow educational professionals to access restricted content and learning resources. A new members’ area also allows volunteers at the museum to get to the guides and documents they need to help run the workshops and tours.

Liz has also joined the Calderdale Industrial Museum Association (CIMA) as a member and spent lots of time helping to source photography and imagery to illustrate the new content.

Over the coming months, further topics and educational resources will be added to the site – as well as improving some of the existing functionality and content.



Creating a song and dance at Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries 

Last updated 30th April 2019 by DC

Every Spring and Autumn our lovely clients at Kiddi Caru hold an open event at their portfolio of nurseries showcasing some of the events and daily activities at each individual nursery.

This Spring the theme was Find Your Rhythm with Kiddi Caru Boogie Mites activities: from encouraging movement using body percussion and singing and signing to art and craft ideas with the making of their own musical instrument to take home and finally a taster of the nurseries signature dish taken from the new Kiddi Caru menu.

The event was publicised using an iMail format and was sent out to prospective parents along with an email campaign using the same artwork; online banners were also created for use with Essex Mums, The Baby Community and Toddle About publications.

If a bunch of grown-ups show up to one of the nurseries – it’ll be us – we’re all itching to attend, they sound such fun!



An Accord Welcome To Your New Home

Last updated 25th April 2019 by DC

Accord Welcome Box Campaign

Can you imagine spending all day moving boxes and furniture into your new home when suddenly you realise that you cannot find the box with the teabags in it – what a disaster!

Our friends at Accord Mortgages have come up with a brilliant idea to save you the worry of the missing coffee jar – a welcome box, delivered directly to your new home on the day you complete your purchase – genius!

Working in conjunction with mortgage brokers the Accord Welcome Box contains everything you need including a quality box of tea bags, biscuits, chocolate and a jar of coffee.

The campaign was spread across print formats, online banner ads in both static and HTML versions and social media, with a video created especially for sharing on social media (seen below).



YBS Share Plans static website

Last updated 4th March 2019 by DCYBS Share Plans static website

We are delighted to have been asked to contribute to the update of a Yorkshire Building Society static website as part of a cross-functional team which was established with the purpose of improving the look and feel of the YBS Share Plans site.

The objective was to complete a full redesign through the creation of new assets and copy that ultimately delivered ‘Our Story’ in a compelling way. The static site serves both corporate clients (B2B) and end customers (B2C) so the overall UX was improved to best serve each type of enquiry.

In addition the website is the vehicle for YBS Share Plans to engage with both corporate clients and end customers. The site will improve how YBS Share Plans promotes its core and ancillary services. It also contains more interactive content through social media links together with client testimonials and case studies.

The team at YBS are really happy with the new site and see it as a huge improvement on the old website.  We have a long-standing relationship with YBS and they have kindly acknowledged that we are “easy to work with, very helpful and work very closely with us to ensure we’re delivering the right outcomes” and that “DC have supported us with the development of templates and often made suggestions to further enhance the solution”.

It’s always a pleasure to know that our clients are happy with us and the work we produce with/for them.



Springing forward with a refresh

Last updated 25th February 2019 by DCSpringing Forward

Looking back to Spring 2016 our clients at Fisherfield Childcare approached us looking for a fresh new website to highlight their group of nurseries based in the Rochdale and Bury regions.

Wanting to keep the site as fresh as possible, after almost three years, it was time to give the nursery pages a refresh and a great time to have video capability added to the site for each individual nursery.

One of the top requirements on the list of updates was acknowledging that whilst the site has always been responsive (mobile-friendly) the information seen first at the top of the page on a smaller screen was of super importance. Johnny changed around the nursery address information and important nursery facts to place them at the top of the page, with the images and nice-to-know information being placed further down the page as you scroll.

We think it looks better than ever! Anyone searching for Fisherfield Childcare nurseries can rest assured that the information they need is readily available and easy to find



New Crown Trees Website – no ‘log’ on required

Last updated 11th February 2019 by Lisa

This new responsive content management system website has recently gone live.  It informs readers all about their tree survey and report information, case studies and articles – as well as ‘Meet the Team’ section and glossary of terms.

The fresh and crisp visual identity didn’t ‘stump’ Johnny when he designed the site, he knew which ‘root’ to take. There’s some great photography and graphics which give Crown Trees Consultancy a highly professional look; suitably befitting their excellent service by highly experienced arboricultural consultants (tree experts!).

Take a look at, it’s very interesting and we’re sure you won’t want to ‘leaf’ it!



10 Year Website Challenge

Last updated 2nd February 2019 by Lisa

The 10 year website challenge has been doing the rounds on social media and is still proving to be as popular than ever.

We thought we’d jump on the bandwagon with our own little bit of history in comparison to how we look now – but of course using our website as the images (nobody wants to see our faces surely…)

So here it is 2009 v 2019 (our brand new site has just gone live — now that is what is called ‘good timing’) a bit of a change don’t you think…?

DC Ten Year Challenge - 1

DC Ten Year Challenge - 2