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Do you want to get more people visiting your website?

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If you want help getting your website found on Google or to improve your SEO (search engine optimisation) or answers to any of those questions, you are in the right place!

Digital Consortium can help all sizes and types of business achieve better rankings in Google and other search engines. There are always ways to improve your website and content with small changes (search engine optimisation – SEO and search engine strategies). We can help and advise so that you can make those improvements yourself – or we can do it for you.

There’s lots of different ways to increase your presence and ranking on search engines – let us talk you through them and find the right method that works for you, your website and your customers and your budget.

Each company’s product or service has its own level of competition and audiences. Digital Consortium doesn’t use a ‘one size fits them all’ approach. We look at what will work for you. If there’s high competition in that sector, there’s no point in flogging a dead horse focussing on a keyword that you’re never going to get top spot on!

We need to get creative about how to get your audience to your website.

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Digital Consortium Lights Up the Web

Chiara Lighting

In late 2019, Halifax-based Chiara Lighting commissioned Digital Consortium to build its new website.

Chiara Lighting is a specialist lighting design company that provides complete project solutions for your lighting design, supply and installation needs.

The team at Chiara were keen to have a website that acted as a better showcase for its full range of bespoke and standard lighting products and the types of project it works on. It was also of high importance for Chiara to use a local company, who understand good old Yorkshire values and also who would be interested in selling their company and products in the best possible way.

The new website, a mixture of off-the-shelf and bespoke elements makes extensive use of product swatches and images to enable site visitors to view the various colour options for each lighting product is available.

It also includes extensive download sections for all the product brochure and data sheet information.

There is a big focus on gallery images in order to showcase Chiara’s extensive range of products. In addition time was spent on SEO getting the right information into the site so that Chiara can be easily found via search engines.

Cáit Hanstock, Assistant Project Manager at Chiara Lighting, said “We are thrilled with our final website and would like to thank Digital Consortium for helping our visions become a reality!”

We like the new website too!



DC is now a teenager!

Happy Birthday DC

Happy Birthday to us, DC is now a teenager!

Thank you to all the staff, clients and suppliers that have been with us over the last thirteen years and made that time go so very quickly.



Our Work – A 2019 Review

Digital Consortium 2019 Review

We started 2019 celebrating our 12th birthday and by giving ourselves a new website as a birthday present, as you do.

In the spring were delighted to be revisiting our clients at Fisherfield Childcare. They wanted a website refresh rather than a full new site which made sense as the site after only three years still looked modern and fresh. We made some changes to the nursery page format to make it easier to read, updated the Google API on the maps for linking to the individual nurseries and made improvements to usability for mobile.

At around the same time we were working with various teams within Yorkshire Building Society for their static Share Plans website. The objective was full redesign to serve both corporate clients and end customers with a focus on interactive content and social media sharing.

By the time we got into April we were doing something slightly different for our regular clients at Accord Mortgages with a heavy focus on social media and a video to share. They had started to send out a Welcome Box to their mortgage clients on the day of their house move. Lots of thoughtful things to help them get settled in, such as a quality box of tea bags, biscuits, chocolate and a jar of coffee!

Our clients at Kiddi Caru had a bit of a change in direction this year with their Nursery Experience Days. They decided to go for a Find Your Rhythm theme and we arranged iMail leaflets for the nurseries to send onto prospective new families.

In late spring/early summer 2019 we started working with the Calderdale Industrial Museum (CIMA) on their From Past to the Future project. CIMA wanted to add a new Learning Experience section into their existing site, which is aimed at schools and education, with a new members’ area with valuable guides and document information for volunteers.

The start of June saw our clients at Fisherfield Childcare looking to expand their business and wanted Johnny to create a new mascot for their new nursery at Derby Street. Dave the Duck was officially introduced to the clan and has certainly settled in nicely…

In addition Derby Street Nursery wanted to create a new sensory room for their children and this being a purpose built nursery we were able to design the artwork which was installed ready for the nursery opening.

Our client Frazer Hall decided, after some years of us updating their existing website which sat on an old and not so user-friendly content marketing system, that they wanted a site that was easier for them to use. We changed the CMS but kept the site looking very similar, which worked for SEO purposes and allowed clients to remain confident in the Frazer Hall brand.

July 2019 saw another of our existing clients looking to upgrade their website. Professor Chris Nutting has been a client for over a decade after we inherited a classic .asp website from another agency. During that period we had made various improvements and changed the site to be mobile responsive, but after such a long time it was looking a little rather dated. We designed a new fresher and cleaner looking website and given the client full access to the admin area and his PR team the areas they require for regular updates. This has resulted in cost savings in the future allowing him to invest in further digital and social media marketing.

Throughout the year we have been continually improving the search engine optimisation of clients’ sites, working on Google Ad Campaigns for a number of them and constantly thinking of ways to gain more site visitors and enquiries for all the sites we look after. Such activity has ranged from the creation of videos, graphics and infographics through to social media and online advertising campaigns, content marketing and traditional printed materials. It never stops!

We are very happy to be working on three new websites at the moment; one was a recommendation from an existing client, one a returning customer and one a local company who found us online. The New Year will bring further updates and three more fabulous brand new websites published – we can’t wait to share them with you.



New Sensory Room at Fisherfield Childcare

Fisherfield Sensory Room

Fisherfield Childcare recently opened their newly renovated nursery at Derby Street, Heywood.  Check out their new facilities, including the impressive sensory room featuring our lightbox design and artwork.

The sensory room at Derby Street is a designated space combining a range of stimuli to help the babies and children within the nursery to develop, engage and regulate their senses.  This is a safe environment for the children and includes specially adapted lights, colours, sounds, aromas and sensory soft play toys.  These combine to encourage interaction and exploration without risk.   Some children who experience sensory overload can benefit from the calming colours and environment.

For the design itself Johnny created a scene based on the nursery’s mascot, Dave the Duck! What could be more fitting than his own little duck pond to play in?  To give the children more visual characters to explore and admire we added ducklings, a butterfly and another duck friend peeping out from behind the reeds.

We used three different layers of plastic artwork to give the lightbox more depth.  This allows the plants at the front to stand out and make the whole piece more visually appealing.

For the ceiling a sky scene was devised to give the effect of looking outdoors — to see the world of Dave the Duck as he flies past.

Further information about the nursery can be found via their website and the following video by Pixelwave gives you a full understanding of the bespoke space Fisherfield Childcare have created for their children both inside and out:

If you are interested in finding out more about the design and how we can help you to create your own sensory room/experience, please feel free to drop us a line.



Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

Where does the time go?

The Summer holidays are a long and distant memory and even back to school seems to be a good while ago.  It’ll soon be clocks going back, Halloween and then Christmas!

At DCHQ we’ve not been very vocal for while as we’re working on some new projects.  We have a new client on board and therefore there’ll be a few exciting updates coming soon.

From online banners to a CMS website, print design alongside online and social media marketing, through to the creation of branded documentation in Word(!), we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve been up to for our various clients.

If you are looking for assistance with any of the above please feel free to give us a shout — we’re always very happy to help.




New CMS Website for Oncology Professor


A new CMS website designed and developed for Professor Chris Nutting has just gone live. As the UK’s leading oncology specialist for head and neck cancer, he requires a suitably impressive website.

The site includes sections on his specialisms – head and neck cancer, thyroid cancer and lung cancer – as well as possible treatments, patient journeys and their outcomes. The extensive blog contains articles and features concerning new research and Professor Nutting’s involvement in campaigns and research activities around the globe.

Choosing appropriate imagery for a CMS website dealing with serious subjects such as cancer isn’t an easy task. We were careful to take a bit of time and consideration to get it right. We wanted to avoid showing pictures of patients or large volumes of medical equipment. Such imagery can appear overwhelming for a potential patient at a worrying time.

We designed and developed custom templates integrated into a widely-used and well-known CMS website back-end. The bespoke templates include subtle design features such as abstracting the form of cancer cells, manifested as hexagons. These shapes slowly animate in the background of the homepage. The hexagonal shape is echoed throughout the site, making it a challenging site to build for desktop and mobile responsive design – but with the resultant site being a resounding success.

Visit the site at



Teaching an old site new tricks

Frazer Hall Image

Frazer Hall, experts in buying and selling businesses, are existing clients and we have been working on site updates, imagery refresh, email marketing and online advertising for over three years.

Their old website was built using a content management system (CMS) which wasn’t particularly user friendly and had limited tools within it.  The decision was made to change the CMS to WordPress – but keep the site design the same.  DC carried out the integration with changes in design kept to an absolute minimum.  The site still looks great, but now has a more robust back-end.  This means that future SEO and content additions will be simpler, quicker and stress-free!



Introducing Dave the Duck!

Dave the Duck Image

Our lovely clients at Fisherfield Childcare got in touch with us recently to let us know that they are expanding and as a consequence they needed a new nursery mascot to add to their ever-increasing ark.

Welcome Dave the Duck to Derby Street!

Each nursery in the Fisherfield Childcare portfolio has a different animal associated depending on the first letter of the nursery’s name giving each nursery its own individual identity and allowing the children to learn more about their chosen animal.

Part of the group’s marketing also includes an ark of all of the animals together, the perfect opportunity for Dave the Duck to meet the other members of the Fisherfield Childcare team.



From The Past to The Future Project

cima image

The Calderdale Industrial Museum has a new Learning Experiences section in development on their existing WordPress site in connection with their From The Past to The Future Project (supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund). DC has created the new section and populated it with content aimed at schools and educational groups in the local and wider areas.

We added a registration and login facility to allow educational professionals to access restricted content and learning resources. A new members’ area also allows volunteers at the museum to get to the guides and documents they need to help run the workshops and tours.

Liz has also joined the Calderdale Industrial Museum Association (CIMA) as a member and spent lots of time helping to source photography and imagery to illustrate the new content.

Over the coming months, further topics and educational resources will be added to the site – as well as improving some of the existing functionality and content.