Website Design

We were asked by Yorkshire Building Society if we would be interested in liaising with them on a new venture they were working on.  After a successful first intake of new apprentices they decided to roll out the application process online and as such required a fully working/interactive website in order to facilitate this.

The twist in the idea was that the current and first wave of apprentices were to be heavily involved in the process looking at design, content and ease of use of the website.  We met with the full group of apprentices and soon gained an insight into how diverse the individuals were. They were working in different areas of YBS, each having different skill sets, ideas and opinions to bring to the table.

The main focus for the new site was the accessibility via a mobile website.  As many younger people may be using the Internet on their phone rather than a desktop/laptop computer, it was necessary for the site to work well on a smaller screen, but also to have the ability to be able to upload the necessary information quickly and easily using the in-built functionality of different types of mobile devices.

YBS has strict guidelines to be adhered to and we needed to take into consideration the potential apprentices’ parents/guardians who would need reassurance and information to encourage them that YBS is a good choice for their family member.