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Website Testing – check your site is on top form

Whether you’ve had your website for some time, or it’s brand-spanking new, it would be poor form if you’d dropped a clanger and it had a loading issue, broken links or even spelling mistakes.

Here at DC we focus on high standards, whether it’s a site we’ve inherited from another agency or one we’ve built from scratch.  We spend a lot of time website testing across all the different devices and actually reading and checking the content!

Therefore, we’ve decided to offer a range of website testing and checking services to anyone out there who wants them.  Not just automated testing for accessibility and performance, but real people using real computers, tablets and mobile phones and reading every single word on your website.  We will submit each and every form and read all the automated emails and thank you pages.  We go through real purchases and transactions and explore all user journeys to give an in-depth review of how your site can be improved and to fix anything that is broken.

There are some automated services we can use for specific areas of testing, but there is no substitute for putting yourself in the shoes of your customers and behaving as they would.

Proofreading and checking copy and content is a big part of what we do day-to-day.  If we know your style and flow, we can advise if any specific areas of content need re-writing, as well as correcting any typos and grammatical mistakes.

Website Testing

Here’s a non-exhaustive (but quite exhausting) list of the website testing and checking services we can offer here at DC – we always happy to discuss what you need a put an appropriate plan together.

Whether you’re about to go live and you just want an objective pair of eyes to go through your site, or you would like a full overhaul and improvement plan for an existing site, such as making it responsive and mobile-friendly, we’re here to help and tailor a website testing plan to suit your specific and exacting requirements.

Give us a call or send us an email and we can have a no-obligation chat.

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