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Want to be more social? We’ve got it covered!

Social media is an ever-increasingly important part of the digital marketing mix. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or YouTube (and the rest), these touchpoints are an extension of your business or organisation.  Some companies use Twitter to handle customer services, others use Facebook as a promotional tool and even an ecommerce shop whilst many more tap into the potential of YouTube as a broadcasting medium to advertise and promote products as well as deliver training and video blogs.

Whatever the purpose of the social media for your business, it’s imperative that your customers and viewers know that it’s your official page or channel and not someone else tapping into your intellectual property or promoting their own similar services.

Branding up your social media presence to a professional standard reassures the viewer that it’s really you.  Social media cover images demonstrate that you are professional and have the same care and attention for all your touchpoints and therefore, implicitly, all your customers and clients as well.  At just a glance a viewer will have made their mind up about whether you look the part and if they are going to look any further at the page, profile or channel.

Take a look at the Kiddi Caru YouTube channel and associated Google+ page; this instantly tells the viewer that they are looking at a professional organisation (really important for someone who is going to look after your little ones).  The same applies to Professor Chris Nutting, a world leading oncologist specialising in head and neck cancer treatment: this reassurance that this is the official G+ page and YouTube channel allows the viewer to contact or comment via that social medium without any concerns that things will go awry or to read more with the knowledge that this person or organisation knows what they are doing.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter cover images helped to extend the brand reach of The Do Everything Party in the run up to the UK general election in 2015, encouraging participation and awareness of the brand, the Party and the music band The DEPuties – ultimately encouraging the viewers of the channel and readers of the content to buy the music on Bandcamp.

Social media cover images are the main visual areas of profiles and channels, providing a significant amount of space to fill with graphics or images that promote your brand.  If you are in the business of making people look amazing, such as Sarah Yeo Weddings, it’s vital that you express those same values and skills.

To discuss the possibilities for your social media cover images and associated social graphics, give us a call or drop us a line and we can take it from there.

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