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Mobile email is most definitely on the rise with 38% of the UK owning a smartphone and 88% of those people using it to check their email on a daily basis.

Mobile-optimised emails are emails designed to be easy to read on mobile devices so that the essential information is clear and easy to read on a small mobile screen (without having to pinch-and-zoom which can be off-putting).

The email is built in such a way that it re-configures itself according to the screen size of the device it’s being viewed on. If it’s a mobile it will show the mobile version or on a desktop it will show the desktop version! (Of course the many different mail applications have their quirks just like the many different web browsers do, but here at DC we like to think we’ve got that covered with our extensive testing).

It’s really important to cater for users viewing your email on mobile: according to Econsultancy, 63% of Americans and 41% of Europeans would either close or delete an email not optimised for mobile so simply by updating your email template you could be accessing around 50% more potential customers.

More than half (56%) of consumers who have made at least one purchase using their smartphone have done so in response to a marketing message delivered via mobile email – according to a survey from ExactTarget

Here at DC we have designed and built a number of mobile-friendly emails for our existing clients including Calderdale College, Kiddi Caru, Sukhothai, (an authentic Thai restaurant in Yorkshire), The Mid-Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce and Continental Wine. We also carried out focus groups and feedback sessions to ensure that our designs and layouts are ideal for the target audience.

The stats from the mobile optimized emails are phenomenal! On average 35% of our clients subscribers viewed the newsletter emails on an iPhone.

The iPhone is the most popular device for viewing the email for most of our clients; on average twice as many people checked their mail using their iPhone than on the next popular mail application.

This means that designers and developers have to ensure that emails display optimally on mobile devices; it is just as important (if not more so) as ensuring that it can be read in long-standing email clients like Outlook and Gmail.

Read all about a mobile email that we recently built for one of our clients here.

If this is something you might be interested in, then please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at hello@digitalconsortium.co.uk.

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