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Copywriting & Proofreading

Would you kick yourself (hard) if someone pointed out your advertisement had a spelling mistake? Do you long to hear adjectives other than fantastic and amazing? Long to explain your business in layman’s terms?

There’s nothing we love more than a well-designed and intuitive technically sound website and we’re sure you feel the same. What really gets our goat is badly written content, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

When a website or email is published or sent it’s easy to focus on whether it works and functions properly in the multitude of devices, browsers and applications we can view it on. It is a common error to presume that content has been proofed and double-checked before it goes into the site (techies don’t particularly enjoy spending their time editing text when they should be browser-testing and bug-fixing).

In the past we’ve written content for all manner of businesses in lots of different sectors; it depends on the topic and level of knowledge required as to whether we employ the skills of a specialist copywriter or we use our in-house team.

As well as supplying well-written, relevant and informative copy we can also proofread and edit content that is provided to us. Some clients request a quick once-over of emails before they are sent to their subscribers. Some provide the facts and the core information and we turn it into flowing SEO-rich website content.

We’ve carried out some really interesting and complex projects including a copywriting and multi-language translation project, about which you can read more at http://www.digitalconsortium.co.uk/work/translating-yorkshire-building-society-share-plans-brief/ . We also worked on a user interface project that included setting the tone and language of the instructive text for internal systems ­– http://www.digitalconsortium.co.uk/work/ybs-user-interface/.

Copywriting extends to scriptwriting for animations and video; a couple of examples of our work are shown at http://www.digitalconsortium.co.uk/work/pirelli-tyres/ and http://www.digitalconsortium.co.uk/work/ybs-mortgages/

Why not have a chat with us the next time you need to update your site, create a campaign or send an email – we might have the words that make a difference to your audience or even prevent some schoolboy (or -girl) errors.

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