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Banner Advertising

Everyone has surely experienced the delights of the adverts that pop up on the website you’re viewing on your PC, tablet or smartphone?  Some ads are clever, some are annoying, some are quite useful – the success of the ads (whether anyone actually clicks or decides to follow the link) is down to the same philosophies that underpin offline marketing.

The team at DC provide banner advertisements for clients of varying size, whether it’s a small regional business using Google Display Ads  to target regional and local audiences, or it’s a large national or blue chip company aiming at a specific demographic using media agencies and ad servers.

Banner ads have evolved significantly as the web, connectivity and devices have changed.  A lot more is possible within banner ads; you can have a mini-website inside them if you wanted!

For those organisations who wish to invest significantly in online advertising, a media buying agency is often used.  The agency would secure advertising space on a variety of sites that are deemed appropriate.  It’s then down to the creative agency (that’s DC in this case) to produce the content for that space and send it to the agency to send to each of the publishers (either individual sites or a network that publishes adverts for the sites that sign up to it) they have decided to use.

Regardless of the method of delivery (which website or device) it’s crucial that every advert has the right messages, is engaging and if it’s interactive or dynamic – that it’s appropriate to the target audience.

DC has produced an array of Flash and non-Flash banners for clients such as Yorkshire Building Society and Accord Mortgages.  The ads have done all manner of things such as played videos, animations, data collection tools, interactive tools as well as straight forward eye-catching wording and messages that speak to the audience appropriately.

Watch our video below to see some Flash banner examples and hear how and why they worked – so remember to turn the volume up!

Planning and conceiving the online advertising campaign consists of understanding the audience, the message, the desired resultant action as well as the budget and any other influencing factors (these could be technological i.e. the ads are on a site that doesn’t allow anything other than static images!).  The investment in the creative (the actual ads produced) is usually minimal in relation to the expenditure on advertising space.  It is the coming up with the idea and initial creative concept that takes up the bulk of the time at the start, with the production of the different variants of size, format and re- messaging constituting much of the production time.

The possibilities for banner advertisements go on and on. DC can assist you with your ad campaign regardless of the size or budget you have: the key is selecting the format, message and interaction that suits your audience and will encourage them to take action.

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