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3D & Animation

Following on from our recent case study on banner advertising, we thought we’d focus on other examples of how we’ve used animation in video and web projects.

We all know, if only from the proliferation of infographics in recent years, that illustrations and animation can be used to great effect when trying to convey a lot of often detailed information in a short space of time. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here at DC, we’ve often used 3D and animation over the years for web projects – from the You Choose home insurance tool we built for Yorkshire Building Society, through the modelling and interactive work we developed for the home page of the Lightmedia Displays website, to using 3D animation in rich media banners such as those we did for the Accord Mortgage Buy-to-let launch.

Inbetween we’ve also worked on standalone animated video projects that have been re-purposed for multiple use. Projects such as the 3D animated explanations for Yorkshire Building Society mortgages and Premium Vs Budget Tyres. have found their way onto YouTube, social media campaigns and DVDs.

An exciting project we kickstarted was Cliko and Friends, a children’s cartoon series aimed at TV.  We helped the originator devise stories and characters with experienced industry professionals, before handing over to a specialist animation company to produce the actual pilot for the television series.

With video offering increasing opportunities to improve your search engine ranking, there’s never been a better time to use 3D and animation. And the great thing is it doesn’t have to cost a million dollars per minute like the latest Disney and Pixar movies do!

In terms of search engine optimisation (SEO) according to Forrester Research, posting online videos can increase a site’s chances of reaching the first page of search engine results by 50%.

When it comes to sharing users are three times more likely to share a video than normal webpage content, meaning that your name is much more likely to be spread around users friends and connections.

Example #1 – 3D animated explanation of an Offset Account
for Yorkshire Building Society aimed at the mortgage consumer

Example #2 – Pirelli – Premium Vs Budget Tyres
an explanation of the differences between such tyres
via a simple narrative with informative graphics, sound and narration

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